SnapX  integrations

Seamless integrations with the leading accounting platforms

Setup SnapX in 4 easy steps 


Connect SnapX

Go to the integrations page, select your cloud accounting software and enter your login credentials to connect with SnapX. If you are using a desktop platform, our team will assist you with this step.


Configure your account

Once you’ve connected to your accounting software, configure your settings to your liking (taxes, vendors, CoA and more). You can also invite additional users to your account.


Process your invoices

You and other users can now import invoices using the SnapX website, mobile app or unique forward email. Our algorithm will automatically scan and process the submitted data, usually within 30 minutes (can take up to 24 hours).


Send to your accounting platform

Once an invoice is processed by our algorithm, you can review and approve it through the web application. In a single click, your invoice data and supporting documentation will be sent to your accounting system.