SnapX Savings Calculator

How many receipts do you process?

# monthly receipts
Cost savings:
Time savings:
232 hours
* Hourly bookkeeper rate based on provincial blended average of $27.50 per hour
**The cost savings take into consideration the licence fees.

The  SnapX  difference


Choosing SnapX is choosing the reliability of AI and machine learning.

The risk of introducing errors in your data is greatly reduced through the SnapX automation & validation.


SnapX seamlesly connects to your cloud & desktop accounting software, and to those of your clients.

Exporting to CSV and XLSX is also possible, allowing the use of your data without additional tools.


We take the confidentiality of your accounting data and that of your clients very seriously.

Our safe and reliable platform provides you with a secure access to your data at all times.


Using our mobile application, you can access your account through the web platform.

You can also forward receipts to your SnapX account straight from your inbox!

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