August 26, 2021

Optimize the Management of Your Cash Flow With SnapX

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In 2018, McKinsey predicted that AI and automation were about to revolutionize finance functions.  In 2021, this foreseen revolution is now underway. Driven by a digital shift impacting all fields of activity, accountants and businesses are using innovations such as AI and machine learning to rationalize their operations, increase productivity and maximize profitability. Two of those operations top the priority list: bookkeeping and data entry.

By automating these mundane, manual tasks, not only does SnapX reduce management costs, but it also speeds up processes and brings new opportunities in terms of services, added value and client experience.

Close the Month or Trimester in a Flash

Through data integration, fusion and consolidation, SnapX allows you to
close the month faster. The quicker you get the numbers, the more time you have to develop business strategies based on data and insights.

Rationalize Data Entry and Analysis

SnapX helps you continuously monitor the flow of your transactions, extract data from receipt and invoice images and sort them automatically, allowing for better archives and decision-making.

Manage Expenses and Reduce Fraud

Reviewing and approving expense reports is time-consuming. SnapX speeds up the process by detecting irregularities in supporting documents in accordance with your organization's policy.

Improve Compliance

SnapX automates and standardizes data entry, processing and integration, which gives you a clear edge in terms of accuracy and compliance in your financial reports. These optimizations allow you to reallocate the time you would lose dealing with eventual compliance problems, especially during audits.

The Future of Accounting is Now!

Technological innovations change the way we work in all industries, and they also change the clients’ expectations. Besides bookkeeping and data entry, SnapX helps accountants and organizations stay productive, efficient and profitable by optimizing various processes such as orders, billing, expense report management and accounts payable and accrued liabilities.

SnapX lets you do more with less by automating, simplifying and speeding up clerical tasks. This way, you can help your clients and your organization by spending more time and creativity interpreting financial data for added value and strategic insights.

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